Why Do Shoes Squeak?

We all love shoes and it’s hard to give up on our favorite ones when they squeak. 

Squeak is produced if air or any other moisture is trapped in different parts of the shoes. It is also produced if one part of the shoe rubs with other parts and also when it rubs with a smooth surface like a gym floor.

As your feet produce moisture when your feet and shoes rub with each other, it will cause a squeaking sound. Moreover, this will also happen due to sweating if you do not wear socks. Usually, it is produced in leather shoes.

Sometimes it gets difficult to walk with squeaky shoes in ice. This might be due to mistakes during manufacturing or any problem in your shoes.

No one wants to throw away their really expensive shoes, let’s see some tricks on how you can fix the problem at home also.

10 ways to fix squeaking:

In a dryer

A dryer machine is the best solution to remove squeaking from your shoes. If any liquid or moisture is present in your shoes, dry it in a dryer.

Take a piece of cloth or any sponge and add a few drops of fabric softener in it. Put this cloth and the squeak shoes in a dryer and spin it for a few minutes.

Make sure you do not dry it for more than ten minutes because the heat will damage your shoes. In this way, the squeak is removed.

Baby powder

The easiest and cheap way of removing squeaking is baby powder. Most times the air or any other moisture is trapped, this will produce a squeaking sound.

You can put baby powder in the inner sole of your shoes. Pull out the inner soles and sprinkle some powder in it and then place the inner soles back. If your shoes do not have a removable inner sole, then put it in around the shoes.

This might be helpful. If the baby powder is not available you can also use talcum powder or cornstarch.

Paper towels under the inner soles

The main reason for squeaking is that when your inner soles are not properly placed. Fold two paper towels in such a way that they can easily fit in your shoes.

This will prevent the insoles from slipping. So you will walk easily. Change these paper towels after a few times otherwise they produce smell in your shoes.

You can also use napkins or dryer sheets instead of paper towels. Be careful in placing the paper towels in shoes.

Coconut oil

If your shoes are continuously squeaking. put out your inner soles from your shoes and then rub a thin layer of coconut oil under it.

This oil will help to decrease the squeaking and you can walk comfortably. If your shoes again start squeaking, reapply this oil in your shoes.

Make sure more oil will create a slippery surface and there are chances of slipping.

Rub the bottoms with a dryer sheet

The bottom of your shoes might be a reason for squeaking. Dry the bottom with a dry sheet so that they do not slick and you can walk easily.

Repeat this process for a few minutes. The best results are shown if you rub them before you wear the shoes so that they do not squeak again. You can also use sandpaper, this might be more helpful for you.

Candle wax

Cande wax is the best method for squeaking shoes. The buckles in shoes is also a reason for squeaking. Rub both sides of the buckles with candle wax.

Some times candle wax is present in solid form, melt it and then rub it. This will create a wall between the shoes and the buckles.

Repeat this process after some time. Because if you stop doing this, squeaking starts again.

Liquid silicon

Highlight the squeaking area in your shoes and then put this liquid silicon in a bottle having a nozzle. Spray it on the highlighted area and spray carefully and slightly.

Cool it in a dry place and do not wear it during cooling.

This is harmful to you because this liquid is made up of silicon and oxygen which is used in glass, lubricants, etc. This will might damage your skin.

Rubber sole spray

Sometimes the inner soles present in shoes are loose, so this is also a cause of squeaking the rubber sole spray is the best thing for tightening these insoles.

Pull out the insoles and put some spray in the bottom and then place the insoles again. Dry it and wear it. Now you can easily walk, run and move around. There is no more squeak and you will be better.


If the bottoms of the shoes are loose you can use superglue. Sometimes there is a gap between the upper and bottom layer, fill this gap with glue and then dry it. Loose shoe bottoms also cause the squeaking so reattach them by superglue.

Dry it for 24 hours before wearing your shoes. If there are no clamps, put something heavy on your shoes or wrapped rubber bands around it. It will hold the upper and bottom parts of the shoes in place.

Conditioning oil

Sometimes, shoes start squeaking because the material on the outside of the shoes rubs with each other.

You noticed that the outsides of your shoes squeak if you take a step. Rub a conditioning oil in the outer parts of the shoes so that they are lubricated and it will decrease the squeaking.

You use a conditioning oil which is designed according to your shoe type. For example, if your shoes are made of leather, then you will use a leather conditioning oil. Not use other oil, it will damage your shoes.

The conditioning oil will remove after some time. If your shoes start squeaking again, reapply this oil.