Where Are Adidas Shoes Made? Mostly In Asia

All day I dream about… bonus points if you know what Im talking about. Adidas is one of the most popular athletic clothing and shoe brands today. The company was founded in Germany in 1924 and is currently headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. There are 23 Adidas factories just in Germany alone!

Adidas is the biggest athletic clothing manufacturer in Europe, and the second biggest in the world with Nike being first.

Adidas was originally started by Adolf Dassler, the name of the company initially was Dassler Brothers Shoes.

In 2019 Adidas made 448 million pairs of shoes.

Where are Adidas shoes made?

There are over 1100+ factories in 65 countries that produce Adidas products. The majority of Adidas shoes are made in Asian countries like Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, and Taiwan. Asia has more Adidas factories than any other continent. 27% of all the factories are in China with China having 337 factories. The next leading country in Adidas factories is India with 99.

These countries are all close to the raw materials that are needed to make shoes. Materials such as polyester, cotton, and wool. 

Adidas is also manufactured in the United States, Japan, and Canada.

North America has 215 factories, 71 of these are in the United States.

Brazil has the most Adidas factories in South America, Brazil has 50.

How are Adidas shoes made

The shoes will typically be partially assembled at one facility and then shipped to a separate facility for final assembly. They use a cold cement construction process to make your shoes.

Adidas uses sustainable and recycled materials such as better cotton, recycled polyester, recycled nylon, recycled rubber, algae-based EVA, Tencel, and polyurethane.

About Adidas

In 2019 Adidas netted 25 billion US dollars! This is including Reebok, because adidas owns them. Adidas employs almost 60k people in over 100 countries. Last year Adidas produced 528 million pieces of clothing and 448 million pairs of shoes.

Adidas is very involved in helping the environment, they have plastic free offices where no plastic throw away water bottles are allowed. More than 11 million pairs of there shoes were made containing parley ocean plastic.

Adidas has 7 headquarters all around the world. The US is home to two headquarters being in Boston and Portland.