What To Do With Your Old Beat Up Shoes That You Dont Want To Wear Anymore

So you have been rocking your pair of Nikes for two years now and it’s time to put them up they are officially old beat up shoes.

Or maybe it is a pair of Jordan 1s that you have had since sophomore year, something like that could possibly be refurbished. Are the shoes beat up now because they are just dirty, or have scratches, or gashes, is there major discoloring going on now?  

Some people like to wear really worn shoes they think it’s dope looking. When it comes down to the end of your favorite pair of shoes life let’s go over the options that you do have.

old high tops

If you have officially marked your shoes old and torn up and no longer fresh. You can either give them away to your friends that are less fortunate and be the nice guy. Maybe you have a younger sibling or cousin that you could hand them down to. Donating them to a shelter is a good option. You can try and sell them for twenty bucks, I’m not a fan of selling used shoes and stuff like that. Could save your old shoes for mowing the grass or going and working on cars and getting dirty is a good move. If you had a really nice pair of shoes that you just wore down to the end then you can even look into possibly redoing the shoe, which could involve painting it and switching out the sole, even using some high power cleaners or stains.

Give them away

If your shoes are not up to your standards anymore and you are about to trash them, giving them away is never a bad route and it feels good to do it. I almost always try to find someone for my shoes before I get rid of them for good.

Find someone in your family with the same shoe size as you, so you can be their shoe donor. Maybe they will even return the favor with some shoes that they no longer wear.

If you just absolutely can’t find any one of your friends that knows someone or anyone to take your old shoes then I’m sure you can find a donation bin somewhere in your city. A Salvation Army or Goodwill is a solid route as well.

hanging shoes

Sell them second hand

If you think your shoes are worth some money even though they are beat to hell. Then you can try and sell them to someone through the web or maybe Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Having to go meet somebody in public or even package and ship out an old pair of shoes for not that much money is not even worth it to me. Especially not having to meet somebody in public. The people that buy old beat up shoes are probably pretty sketch all jokes aside.

Keep yourselves out of danger ladies and gentlemen. If you must meet someone to sell a pair of old shoes do it in a public place.

If your shoes are really nice and only slightly worn than you may be able to sell them to places like stockx.

Save them for work shoes

Every time I go outside to either ride bikes or change my oil or work on something. I always need a different pair of shoes to wear so that I don’t get my fresh ones dirty. Sometimes I will get carried away and forget what I’m wearing and really mess something up.

Old shoes are also great for mowing the grass with. One time I made a project skateboard/snowboard with a pair of old skate shoes. The possibilities that you could do with your old beat-up shoes is really endless.

flowers in shoe

Refurbish your sneaks

If you just really love the pair of shoes you have and never want them to go away you could possibly buy a new sole online. And then glue and stitch it in yourself if that’s what it requires.

There are products out there that are just little tap die bottles of white sole paint that works really good with covering up dirty soles. Full length shoe restoration videos are available on YouTube. Depending on the shoe this isn’t usually going to be the route. But if you got a pair of Jordan 1 Chicago’s then do it. I hope you have worn a pair of Chicago’s out that much that’s awesome.

Hell maybe just throw the shoes in the washer and you’d be really surprised! Some soap and a scrub brush can go a long way.

But if your shoes finally are old and beat up, and the cleaning methods don’t work, don’t hold onto them, don’t keep them in the collection just because you had them for 4 years. Replace them with something better and move on, please.

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