What Are Red Bottom Shoes?

If you are a person alive on the internet, chances are that you have heard about the infamous red bottom shoes.

When someone calls shoes “red bottoms” they are simply referring to a pair of Christian Louboutin sneakers as they have an iconic red bottom.

These iconic shoes are a point of serious media focus ranging from being in famous musicals like Mean Girls on Broadway to getting attention for their unique design and expensive nature.

For many people, their first exposure was caused by the internet Bridezilla who demanded that every person in her wedding wear them alongside truly horrific outfits that were meant to cost thousands of dollars (and of course the guests were expected to pay for their own outfits).

Red Bottoms

However, if you have only heard of them in passing or you are only now learning about this peculiar type of shoe now, you are probably wondering what red bottom shoes actually are.

In their simplest form, they are shoes with red bottoms, but the truth behind them is a little more complicated than that.

Who is Christian Louboutin?

The designer behind the iconic red bottom shoes is none other than Christian Louboutin.

While the uninspired might confuse his last name with Louis Vuitton, this French designer is worthy of everyone knowing his name.

This designer came from a normal upbringing, but spent his time certain of one thing: he hated school. In fact, the rumor is that he used to shirk his schoolwork to start on unique shoe designs as early as his teens.

Though he did spend some time dabbling in other areas, eventually he found his way to freelancing in the fashion world.

A short while later, he made the decision to open his own store and began making shoes. Thus, red bottom shoes were born.

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What earned them the title red bottom shoes?

Red bottom shoes are given their name because of their distinct red bottoms.

This is a unique design decision that was implemented by Louboutin and has given the shoes their unique and iconic look. 

These heels are renowned for their vibrant red color, and the truth behind them is that this was a design choice created on a complete whim.

The story goes that one day in the shop an employee was painting her nails red, and at complete random Louboutin decided to snatch up the nail polish and paint the bottoms of a prototype red.

This was the beginning of this perfect visual that people are now clamoring to obtain.

After the design decision was made, it began a point of legal contention regarding whether or not these shoes could be trademarked with their red sole as a design decision.

The details about this were debated ad nauseum among many, and in the end it was decided that shoes that were not red and exhibited a red sole could be considered unique to Louboutin’s work.

While there have been more deliberations beyond this, it is generally accepted that only Louboutin’s are the true red bottom shoe.

What is up with the pricing on these shoes?

As one would expect with any kind of designer item, red bottom shoes are known for their seemingly ridiculous price point.

While these shoes are incredibly common among the rich and fashionable, the average person is unlikely to be able to justify the cost without exclusively eating ramen for a few months.

Red bottom shoes are known for starting around $700 and the pricing on this special kind of shoe climbs well into the thousands depending on what model you are looking at.

This makes them a blatant status symbol that is known for being recognized on sight.

Red Bottoms

These shoes are without question a luxury item that most people can only afford to dream about, but we can still all continue to hope for an increase in pay so that we can cash in on this awesome look.

The pricing is partially driven by the cost of the shoes themselves according to Christian Louboutin, but as is the case with most anything, the true value comes from the brand itself.

These iconic shoes are desirable, which makes it easy for the company to charge just about anything for it.

Since the average target audience for these items isn’t Jill from the local grocery store, the designers know that whatever they charge for this item, someone will probably pay.

What Makes Them So Popular?

This question is a little bit tricky to answer because it probably seems incredibly obvious.

These shoes are popular because the designer was in the right place at the right time.

The shoes are a remarkable and desirable brand that make any outfit look absolutely fierce, they are made from exceptional quality that makes them a cut above the rest, and they are absolutely iconic.

This made it easy for celebrities like Beyoncé to flock to these shoes, and once celebrities decided that these shoes were worthy of attention and praise, the rest was history.

In fact, the complex legal discussions around this brand were likely to only stir up that much more interest in the product.

These shoes are popular because they are fancy, expensive, and completely unique.

Wearing a pair of Louboutin heels is a great way to let people know that you are fashionable, wealthy, and worthy of attention.

It’s a perfect indicator to the world that you are of the fashionable elite.

This makes people clamor for this product so that they can live the life of a celebrity, even if they’re just going to a company Christmas party.


Red bottom shoes are a byproduct of flawless design and hard work. This style of shoe is known for its public renown, and as far as anyone can tell, this is unlikely to change over time.

These shoes, while incredibly expensive, are undoubtedly a statement to the world from the person who is capable of wearing them.

If you ever get the chance to purchase a pair of completely authentic red bottom shoes, you might just want to jump on it and see what it feels like to strut around wearing the peak of modern fashion design.