What Are Non Slip Shoes? You Might Not Know This

The Importance of Slip Resistant Shoes

Have you recently been employed or do you currently work at an industry that requires you to wear non slip shoes?

For many of us, non slip shoes are essential to our daily work life. These shoes are known to neutralize the hazards of slippery floors and create a much safer place to work.

As you read this article you will learn what non slip shoes are and how they can be a benefit to you. 

What classifies shoes as non slip?

A slip resistant shoe is non slip for a couple of reasons. Below you will find out exactly what are non slip shoes.

  • Tread patterns

Non slip shoes use specially designed tread patterns to create a slip resistant surface. These tread patterns help grip the floor and create traction.

Wearing non slip shoes at work will significantly improve your daily work performance. Non slip shoes are great for athletes as well.

They help grip on to hard earth and slippery outdoor surfaces. These shoes will improve  your ability to conquer all terrains.

  • Materials used to make the sole

Non slip shoes are classified as slip resistant not only because of the design but the materials used to create the soles on the bottom of the shoe. Non slip shoes are most commonly made of a rubber material.

This material is great to provide better traction on slippery floors or surfaces.  Another common material used in manufacturing a non slip shoe is leather.

This natural alternative to rubber is great at providing traction and grip when worn in a slippery environment. 

Who should consider purchasing slip resistant shoes?

  • Restaurant employees

If you work in the restaurant industry, you will be hustling your way back and forth with trays of food and drink to very hungry customers.

Kitchens can easily become slippery with normal use. Therefore, if you are wanting to complete your job efficiently and without accidents, non slip shoes are perfect for you. They will ensure your customers receive the best quality in service while dining in with you. 

Most restaurants require that you wear non slips while you work. You have probably seen a ton of people wearing something similar to below. You can pick these up on Amazon very reasonable.

Sketchers Slip Resistant Shoes

  • Industrial employees

Working in a factory or industrial setting, you may be required you to wear non slip shoes. The slip resistant shoes will prevent any unnecessary accidents from happening on the job. The use of slip resistant shoes will protect you and the company from a major incident. 

  • Athletes

If you are an athlete or recreational outdoors person, non slip shoes can provide the perfect traction needed to stay active in a variety of terrains. This will help while climbing, running or even walking across slippery slopes and rock.

Water Sport enthusiasts can benefit from a non slip shoes as well. Whether you are an employee on a boat or simply boating recreationally, you will see it is much more efficient with the proper gear. 

A pair of non slip shoes are essential to many aspects of daily life. By knowing what non slip shoes are and the different ways a shoe can be called slip resistant you can easily find the perfect shoes for all your work and recreational needs. 

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