Regular Guy Wearing Expensive Shoes

Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Louboutins, Yeezy im sure you have heard of them all and so many more. High fashion footwear is a huge thing today. It’s hard to ignore when almost every influencer flaunts $1k kicks on the reg, at least it seems that way sometimes.

Even if you don’t own any expensive shoes in your collection I’m sure you have wondered what it would be like wearing expensive shoes.


Other than the price there isn’t really much difference. Most people may not even be able to tell a difference at all in comfortability.

The only thing that really justifies a high price tag in my opinion is material and quality. Really rare leather could justify a high price if that’s your thing.

Some of these high end brands lack both quality and comfortability and even style. 

Wearing expensive shoes

What are we classifying as expensive? $200? $500? $1000? More?? I would say anything over $200 is a pretty expensive shoe. A pair of Yeezys retail for about $220.

I know you guys are rocking the Guccis and Balenciagas though that are upwards of a rack in price. You better have the rest of the fit to match your high end shoes. 

red bottoms

One time a few years ago I had a friend lend me a pair of Gucci shoes and I wore them out but the problem I had was that they weren’t matched with a Gucci shirt, or a pair of Balmain jeans. I had on jeans and a shirt from Hollister. Everyone was probably thinking I was such a douchebag and that my Gucci shoes were fake. I don’t blame them.

Everyone is going to call your shoes fake if the rest of the fit isn’t backed up. And if you can’t afford to buy a whole fit then you really shouldn’t be supporting expensive shoes. Jordan 1s, Yeezys, Air Max, etc can be worn with or without an expensive fit if you do it right. 

You got them

off white

But maybe you bit the bullet and copped the limited supply off-whites though. You just couldn’t resist yourself.

Now you are in for a whole new world of hate, judgement, hate, and people are gonna hate on you.

You have to make a huge deal anyone steps on them, then you would have to remind the person exactly how much those flames on your feet cost and make him/her clean them.

Im kidding but you will be super self conscious about your new shoes, everyone will be looking at you and the shoes trying to figure you out. They won’t know if you are some rich kid, or if they’re fake, maybe they think you’re a celebrity I don’t know. 

But seriously make sure no one steps on them cause that sucks. You will probably take off your expensive kicks and examine them when you get home from going out.

You will most likely find that damage has already been done. Just like driving a car it is going to happen. Just clean what you can and move on, Its just shoes. 

leather shoes

Wearing dope shoes doesn’t have to be anything crazy if you don’t make it that way. Simply go on about your business and carry yourself with pride and high standards.

Hopefully the reason you splurged on shoes is because of a business milestone or personal achievement!

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