Top 10 Streetwear Brands Like Supreme

So maybe everyone you know is wearing supreme. Maybe they aren’t. Some people might be wearing some brands like supreme in this blog post. 

You don’t want to be like everyone else running around rocking supreme, that is why you have come to find a new brand that no one else is wearing because they aren’t cool.

And you are.

Or maybe you are just genuinely interested in some alternative options to supreme for whatever reason. 

Now let’s get into it! Here are the top 10 brand like Supreme, I would say I have ordered them from less hyped to more hyped. This is just me though, please tell us in the comments what you think the list should be!

10. Crooks & Castles

crooks and castles guy

Crooks & Castles was founded in 2002. They believe behind every Castle stands a Crook. 

The clothing line is aimed at hustlers, entrepreneurs, and moguls trying to win. Crooks & Castles values that they are deeply rooted in street culture with a luxury aesthetic. 

9. Rebel 8

rebel 8 jacket

Rebel 8 started out in a small apartment in San Francisco with only $500 in 2003.

The brand was inspired by a “punk DIT attitude”. 

Most graphics for Rebel 8 include classic skateboard art, vintage tattoo flash, and graffiti. 

8. HUF

huf dudes

HUF is founded by a man named Keith Hufnagel, hints the name “HUF”.

Keith became a pro skateboarder in the early 1990s.

He then continued to open a small boutique in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District.

HUF quickly became known as the Bay Area’s hard to come by goods.

7. Lrg

LRG logo

Lrg stands for “Lifted Research Group” and was founded in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua.

Based out of Orange County, California, Lrg produces clothing and accessories. They have also been known to create a broad range of other products including electronics, extreme vehicles, sporting goods, and more.

The company promotes there clothing through underground recording artists, and sponsors a skateboarding team.

6. 10 Deep

10 deep logo

10 Deep was created by Scott Sasso in 1995, in New York.

The clothing line is inspired by traditional sports and workwear.

They’re still focused on the community, culture, and style.

5. The Hundreds

the hundreds hoodie

The Hundreds was founded by Bobby Kim and Ben in 2003. 

They emphasis people over product.

The clothing in the line ranges from everything from t-shirts to outerwear.

The Hundreds does a lot of collaborations. 

4. Billionaire Boys Club

billionaire boys club logo

Billionaire Boys Club is founded by Pharrell Williams and Japans Nigo (who is the founder of BAPE).

Check them out I think they put out some cool stuff.

3. Stussy

stussy shirt

Shawn Stussy started the company Stussy in the early 80s.

It started out as surfwear but over the years has been adopted by the streetwear and hip hop scenes.

2. Bape

bape sweater

Bape which stands for “A Bathing Ape” was founded in 1993 by a man named Tomoaki Nagao, or possibly known as Nigo.  

Bape soon found its way into American steet style and is know one on the top in the game.

You have probably seen someone in some bape at one point or another. The logo is very distinctive.

1. Palace

palace store

Palace was created by Lev Tanju in the late 2000s.

Tanju was a skater living in a squat flat near one of Londons iconic skateparks.

The squat was referred to as the palace, and the regular guests became know as the Palace Wayward Boys.

This is where the word palace came from.

The brand was initially known for its low quality skate videos but they all turned out rad. 


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