Vans with no arch support

Do Vans Shoes Have Arch Support?

Many wearers of Vans would suggest that Vans shoes do not have much in regard to arch support. This does not mean that Vans shoes are a lesser shoe when put into comparison with a shoe that does offer better arch support. Vans shoes are purpose-built shoes, traditionally designed for skateboarders and the like.  When …

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man running in vans shoes

Can You Run In Vans Shoes?

It seems that the question should be changed to ‘Should You Run in Vans Shoes?’ You can actually run in any type of shoe. You could even run barefoot if you believe your feet to be tough enough. So, the simple answer to the question is yes, you can run in Vans shoes. However, should …

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comfortable shoes on feet

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

The best shoes for work are ones that almost feel like you’re wearing slippers. Comfortable work shoes aren’t ones that you’re desperate to kick off every time you sit down. They are shoes that you might forget to take off when you get home from work because you forget you’re wearing them! No matter what …

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How To Clean White Vans

There is nothing better than slipping on an icy pair of brand new white Vans straight from the box. They look so good and I personally rock them almost every day of the week. While these are my favorite shoes by a long shot, they have one flaw. These shoes are extremely white and get …

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