How To Wear Shoes Without Socks

Wearing shoes without socks: perhaps one of the most controversial topics of all-time when it comes to what we do (or don’t) put on our feet.

There are plenty of pros and cons to wearing a shoe without a sock and they differ between men’s and women’s shoes. Typically, women just have more shoes that are designed to be worn without socks. 

Well aren’t women lucky?

Men aren’t as much so. Unless they want to throw on a pair of Nike slides or flip-flops men are almost doomed to have a shoe that is designed with a sock in mind.

When you wear shoes without socks, you run into a few problems that almost anyone will remind you of if you tell them your sans sock secret.

“That makes your feet stink!”

“Your feet will be sweaty!”

“You’re going to get a blister!”

OK, we get it. Time for the rebuttal.

Sometimes, wearing shoes without socks makes the whole outfit look cleaner and more put together. Some people don’t like the way that socks and shoes look together. And some people maybe have waited too long to do laundry and just don’t have any socks to wear. It’s OK. No judgement.

So, what to do? You’re the master of your own universe. You’re not wearing putting a sock anywhere near your foot! Not today. Go on with your bad self. Just take these tips with you. You’ll thank yourself!

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Wash your feet

Give your feet an extra scrubbing with antibacterial soap before you wear any shoe without socks. Using antibacterial soap will kill any odor causing bacteria you have and get you started on the right foot.

Use foot powder*

Sprinkle your foot and the inside of your shoe with a foot powder (like Gold Bond). It helps to absorb moisture and prevent things like athlete’s foot. It’s basically an invisible sock.

*You can also use an antiperspirant/deodorant spray! Some under the arms, some inside the shoe. 

Don’t wear the same shoe

Wearing the same shoe without socks each day is a surefire way to make them smell real fast. Try to have a few pairs of shoes to rotate through when you are going sockless.

At the end of your sockless day, sprinkle the inside of the shoes with deodorizer or baking soda and let it sit for at least an hour.

Getting rid of shoe odor

There are a few timeless ways to get rid of that all-day foot small.

  1. Wash your shoes in the machine if the material is not leather or suede
  2. Use a shoe deodorizing powder or spray and leave overnight
  3. Put the shoes in a bag in the freezer. The cold temperature kills odor-causing bacteria!

Preventing and caring for blisters

One of the best things about socks is that they are very useful in preventing blisters. Even so, if you have a few tricks up your sleeve, you can save your feet from too much pain.

  • Moleskin: a think and durable cotton fabric that acts as a second skin. Cut the moleskin to cover the blister or area where you think one might otherwise form. Peel the backing off and stick to clean and dry skin. 
  • If you have a blister that has popped, clean it well with peroxide, dry the area and apply an antibacterial ointment. Loosely cover the area with gauze so it can breathe and heal quickly. 

Now that the basics have been laid out, we can get into the specifics. What kind of shoes you might want to wear without socks and why.

Now, remember, you’re the master of your own universe so you can choose any shoe you want for any reason. But these are tried and true.

Wearing dress shoes without socks

Let’s say you have a pair of really sleek shoes. It’s summertime and you have a semi-formal event to attend. Regular dress socks can be too stifling, and those little no-show socks just don’t always stay on your foot. You don’t want to have to keep sneaking away to adjust your sock!

Chances are, your dress shoes aren’t going to be super breathable and won’t be made out of cotton. Cotton helps to absorb moisture (sweat) and allows our feet room to breathe so they don’t get stinky.

If you’re at a semi-formal event – or even just at work – have a little shoe kit with you to beat the blisters, sweat and stink:

  • Foot powder or anti-perspirant/deodorant spray
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Skin-toned band-aids

Pro-tips for Wearing Dress Shoes Without Socks

       ! Always wear socks to a formal event. No socks may be seen as disrespectful

       ! Use a cedar shoe tree when not wearing the shoe

       ! Opt for a pair of soft-leather shoes to avoid blisters

       ! loafers, pumps, monk shoes and ballet flats are the easiest dress shoes to wear without socks

Wearing sneakers without socks

If you exercise regularly, you probably know that odor is just a part of the deal. When you wear shoes without socks, you’re bound to end up with a lot more odor than you would otherwise.

Sneakers aren’t all made out of cotton which means they won’t be breathable, and they don’t wick away moisture.

Did you know that your feet sweat about a half-pint per day?

Luckily, sneakers are generally easy to wash. Most kinds can be put through the washer and dryer on a gentle cycle. Even better, some sneakers have been designed to be work sockless! It’s your time to shine.

The Best Sneakers to Wear Without Socks

  • Vans slip ons
  • Nike Flyknit Racer
  • Adidas EQT Racing 91 16

OK Master of Your Own Universe. You’ve got the tips, the tricks and the recommendations. You know the perks of not wearing socks and the dangers. Better yet, you know how to face the dangers and beat the odds.