How To Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

Aw man I just ordered a pair of shoes and they are a size too big! That was my experience once lol.

You could have gotten a pair of shoes passed down and they are too big. Maybe the deal was just too good to pass up even though you wear a 10 and not an 11.

Don’t worry any longer because you will be rocking your kicks in no time!

Add socks

One simple method is to wear either thicker socks or layer up on socks. A big wool pair of socks can really fill up some room down there.

Adding additional socks can sometimes feel really tight and be uncomfortable though. If you are in a really warm part of the world adding socks may not even be an option, although you may have to put up with hot feet if you really wanna wear those Retros out tonight.

Add insoles

This is one of my favorite methods. Once upon a time I bought a pair of fake Yeezy’s (I know) and 45 days later when they arrived from China I was so hyped only to find out that they were too big by a fair amount.

The way I solved this is by putting aftermarket insoles directly on top of the insoles that were already in the shoe.

Do not remove your old insoles and put new ones on top of them. Doing this really made the shoes fit a lot better!

Your foot will fit snug in the shoe now and the loose unconfident feel will be gone. When adding an insole you should be able to be able to get by without doubling up on socks too.

Add material

The time has come that you do not have 2 pairs of socks or another set of insoles, now what do you do?

If you are in a bind you can stuff something like newspaper or paper towels in front of your toes and anywhere you feel necessary. This would most likely be preferred as a last resort.

If your shoes are wayyy to big for you then maybe try all 3 of these methods together! Good luck!

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