How To Measure Shoe Size And Width The Right Way

In this article you will learn how to accurately find your shoe size and width at home. 

  1. First, place your foot on a piece of paper while sitting upright. Be sure to sit with your back straight against a chair.
  2. Next, take a piece of paper big enough for your whole foot to fit on. Place your foot flat on the paper. Depending on the type of shoe you are intending to purchase you may or may not do this step with your socks on. Measuring with the sock will allow for extra room in the shoe for said socks.
  3. Begin tracing your foot with a pen or pencil, you need to only trace the outline of your foot. Remember to keep the pen or pencil as close to your foot as possible. This will help ensure an accurate measurement.
  4. To find the correct width measure between the widest points of your foot. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the widths of each foot.
  5. You will want to subtract from the measurement 5 millimeters or ⅕ of an inch to ensure a proper measurement. The pencil will have created a small amount of space, making your measurements slightly larger than your actual foot size.
  6. Next,  Measure your foot length by finding the longest point from top to bottom of foot. Do not forget to subtract 5 mm or ⅕ of an inch from determined length. 
shoe size being measured
  • You’ll get the most accurate measurement if you have someone else trace your foot while you remain seated. 
  • Repeat with the other foot. Remember feet vary in size slightly. Whenever you have measured both feet you will choose the largest of the two measurements to determine your most accurate size. 
  • To ensure accuracy, measure your feet at the end of the day. The size of your feet can fluctuate throughout the day. After being on your feet most of the day your feet tend to swell. Measure your feet at night to make sure your shoe will fit throughout the course of a day.

Convert your measurements to shoe sizes

  • Lastly, to identify your shoe size you will need to do a simple internet search. This will provide you a general size chart for shoe sizes. Match the length of your foot with the corresponding shoe size. Be sure and notice that you are looking at the correct size based on specific gender style of shoe. 
  • Figure out your width based on the shoe size selected. The size chart should indicate your width based on your shoe size. Remember to base this off your largest foot measurement. 
  • Use specific sizing charts when possible. Every sizing chart is different and some company’s shoes may run slightly smaller or larger than average. When buying shoes, see if the manufacturer has a specific sizing chart before assuming your shoe size based on a general chart. This will help increase the likelihood shoes will fit properly, especially if you’re making the purchase online.
  • You should always try shoes on prior to purchase, if you’re not ordering online. However, If you are ordering online, knowing your shoe size and width can help you find shoes with less chance of them not fitting properly. However, even if the measurements are correct, factors such as the shape of your feet can affect how a shoe fits. 

By measuring your feet, you will ensure that you receive the proper fitting shoe each and every time. 

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