How To Make Your Shoes Not Stink

Smelly shoes are never a good thing. Unless you’re into that. But for the most of us it creates somewhat of an issue. 

Especially if you are standing in line at Walmart and can smell the stench from your shoes leaking up to your nose. The person in line behind you can most certainly smell it too and is giving you weird looks.

Learning to make your shoes not stink will be a skill that benefits you for the rest of your life. Practicing some good hygiene never hurt anyone. 

Alternating shoes

Having shoes that smell retched is a lot of times caused by over wearing the same pair of shoes. This means that sweat never has time to fully air out, causing horrible smells.

Make sure to wear a different pair of shoes everyday. 

Fresh socks

Same as alternating your shoes you need to make sure to have a fresh pair of socks everyday. I don’t think this is an issue for most of you. 

A pair of socks already don’t smell any good at the end of the day so don’t put them through another one back to back. The smell is coming from the sweat that is oozing out of your feet onto your socks and shoes.

Wear athletic socks made of materials like cotton and polyester to help wick away the sweat and compress the smell. These socks are also super comfortable.

Wearing socks made out of materials like wool will one set your feet on fire (make them hot) and two make your shoes smell.

Foot powder

Foot powder or baking powder has been being used for years to stop the horrible smell of shoes. 

Applying some foot powder into your shoes each morning before you wear them will help both the sweat and the smell problem when you come home at the end of the day.

Foot powder helps to soak up the sweat and allows your shoes and socks to dry quicker. Some foot powders even come with a fresh scent built in. 

If you have a super bad case of the stank foot, try yourself some foot powder.

Applying shoe deodorizer

Shoe deodorizer is to be applied at the end of the day after you are done wearing your shoes. 

Special aerosol sprays are made exactly to kill smell and bacteria from forming in your shoes each day. Applying a spray to your shoes each night will help tremendously with your smell issue.

A quick shot lasting a few seconds in each shoe should do the trick.

Shoes with airflow

Sweat is one of the main causes of stink in your shoes so allowing more airflow will help tame things down. Airflow will help to keep your feet dry rather than soggy with sweat all day.

Shoes like athletic shoes with more of a mesh base will equip you with what you need. Shoes made out of something like thick leather will trap heat and promote smell. 

Air is going to slither right into your shoes keeping your feet cool and in return making your feet not smell!


  • Wear different shoes each day
  • Wear different socks each day
  • Apply foot powder before wearing your shoes
  • Blast your shoes with deodorizer each night
  • Wear shoes with more airflow