How To Keep Your Feet Cool In Sneakers

I am so glad I have found someone else that has fires in their shoes on the daily. I know the feeling of having hot, sweaty feet all day. Fortunately I have found ways to overcome this problem.

The issue with having hot feet is that it is very unpleasant and it usually creates a retched smell.

It’s not everywhere that we can just plop off our shoes to cool down our feet real quick.

Here are some thing to practice if you have a case of hot foot.

Air flow

One of the best ways to cool down your feet is to increase air flow. Changing out your shoes for a pair with better air flow could be the biggest upgrade that you make. 

Shoes made of materials like leather are not going to breath as well as shoes made of cotton or polyester etc. Athletic shoes usually allow for a lot of air flow and these types of shoes should be favored if you have overheating feet syndrome.

When you are buying new shoes look and feel to measure how breathable the material of the shoe is. Some shoes will allow so much air flow that you can see through them, this is a good route. 

Make sure the material is not completely solid.

New and appropriate socks

Make sure to wear a new pair of socks each day. If your socks already soaked up all of your foot sweat from yesterday then they wont have the capacity for today as well.

Also this is just good hygiene. Everyone around you thanks you.

Socks play a very important role in keeping your feet cool.

Materials like wool are going to create egg cooking temperatures in your shoes. Leave the big thick wool socks for snow skiing.

Materials like cotton and polyester (which is most socks) will work very good to wick the sweat off of your foot and promote air flow. This combination of material is not itchy either and works to conform with your foot.

Foot powder

Applying foot powder in your shoes before wearing will help to keep things dry and in return can keep things cooler.

Start with a small amount at first, you do not want too much. A small amount of baking powder can be used as a substitute for this as well.

Whenever your shoes are wet or damp from sweat your feet slide around and cause more friction which causes more heat. If you can decrease the friction you can cool down your feet.

Alternating shoes

As well as alternating socks everyday it is good practice to switch out those shoes daily too. 

Each day you wear your shoes you want to allow them to fully dry before wearing them again. Giving them a full day is best. When sweat and funk sits in your shoes its not good for a lot of reasons, it can create things like fungus and horrible smells. 

Again, wet shoes are going to promote friction and heat things up.

So if you want to keep things cool in your shoes make sure to have breathable shoes, fresh moisture wicking socks, dry shoes, foot powder. Stay cool!