How To Break In New Shoes

You finally got that sweet pair of shoes you’ve been waiting for! Way to go! Only after the first day of wearing your new shoes you come to find that your feet hurt. Thats not good.

Today we are going to show you how to break in those new shoes. Breaking in your shoes is a good thing to do because it will cause less discomfort and your shoes will shape to your foot a bit.

New shoes can cause nasty blisters on your feet, you don’t want that.

Let’s get to it.

The sock method

This method is the first thing you should try. 

Try putting on 2 pairs of socks on the same foot. Afterwards slide your double socked feet into your new shoes and walk around for a while.

The extra pair of socks will help to stretch out some of the material in the shoes, this can help with loosening up your new shoes so that they are more comfortable.

Walk around for a while and use your best judgement to see if you should go longer or not. 

If you like this method you can proceed with adding more socks into the equation if you would like.

Make sure to be careful not to over stretch your shoes. If you stretch out your shoes too much they will not fit true to the size from when you bought them.

But if your shoes are too small in the first place then this would be a good solution to make them fit even better.

Blow dryer method

The blow dryer method involves using a blow dryer to heat your shoes. Some materials that shoes are made of will stretch when heated. 

Start by warming up your shoes with a blow dryer, making sure not to get so close that you burn or damage any parts of the shoe.

After your shoe is heated up slide your foot in with only one sock on each foot to start. Now walk around for a while and wiggle your toes and ankles all around. You can even stick your left foot in and do the hokey pokey if you’d like.

Materials like leather you should avoid using the blow dryer on. You want to avoid excessive heat when you are working with leather.

If you have done the sock and blow dryer method but want more you can start adding socks again. 

I recommend trying without the blow dryer at first but if you are careful you should not harm anything.

Water method

This last method is certainly not my favorite but if you have lost all hope it could be worth a shot. 

Start by completely soaking your shoes in water.

Afterwards stick your feet in and walk around for a while. The water will help to loosen everything up inside your shoes.

Whenever I get a fresh new pair of shoes I typically don’t want to submerge them in water right off the bat. Don’t let this scare you from using this technique though.


So if you have a new pair of shoes that is way too tight and not broken in you can try these methods. 

  • Sock method
  • Blow dryer method
  • Water method