How Many Pairs Of Shoes Does The Average Woman Own?

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, and going anywhere without them is generally frowned upon. 

For this reason, most people own several pairs of shoes.

Considering the fact that the majority of places won’t even let you in without shoes, owning enough shoes to carry you through your days is not only a matter of looking nice, but also being able to be an acceptable person within society. 

Chances are if you tried to go out into public not wearing shoes, you would get some pretty funny looks.

We know that owning shoes is important, but many people wonder just how many pairs of shoes that they should actually own.

According to existing studies that have been carried out over the years, the numbers range from about 17 to 27 pairs of shoes for the average woman.

Since women have a tendency to be designated as the ultimate shoe enthusiasts, it’s pretty common to question how many pairs of shoes the average woman owns.

Studies have been carried out time and time again, and the answer seems to be somewhere around twenty pairs in total. Don’t worry, there’s a reason for that.

How many pairs of shoes does a person actually need?

This question has a lot of different answers depending on who you ask.

As far as true necessity goes, a case could be made to say that you truly only need a single pair of shoes to make it in society.

However, most people would find this realistic. The number of shoes that we need is impacted by a lot of factors.

You might need more shoes depending on where you live, what you do for a living, or how much time you spend doing certain activities.

There are plenty of things that can determine what shoes are right for you, but for whatever reason, people seem to make fun of those who buy a lot of shoes for fashion purposes alone. 

There aren’t any right or wrong reasons to buy a pair of shoes in most cases, but there are some less functional reasons that might impact the way people view your decision to own shoes, particularly if they are known for being expensive.

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What kind of shoes do women need?

The logic behind most shoe purchases is generally built around function more than anything.

Most women have everyday shoes that go with various outfits.

These shoes are built around being comfortable for constant use and being neutral enough to support their everyday outfits. 

However, most women need shoes beyond what someone might wear for a trip to the grocery store.

Most women who exercise have a specific pair of shoes specifically for the gym or any activities that they partake in. This might be running shoes or something like soccer cleats. 

Beyond exercise, most women have shoes that are appropriate for their job. This can range pretty broadly.

A nurse might need a practical pair of comfortable walking shoes for spending hours on their feet.

A business professional might require a fashionable and sturdy pair of flats or even heels depending on their preferred image. 

Most women have a couple of different types of shoes that they will wear to work depending on the needs of their various outfits.

In addition to work, there are also shoes that are necessary for play.

There are some kinds of shoes that are better from a fashion perspective when you’re engaging in certain kinds of activities.

This might include something simple like wearing flip-flops to the beach or something specific like a good pair of heels to go out dancing in.

These shoes, which are often built around activity, are a crucial part of bringing balance to someone’s look.

high heels

Most people wouldn’t want to wear gym shoes to the club or wouldn’t want to wear their work shoes to go out hiking with friends. 

The final consideration for what kind of shoes a person needs is generally built around the area that they live in and what kind of weather can be expected. 

Depending on what kind of weather a person can expect throughout the seasons, they might need more or less kinds of shoes.

If you live in an area where the weather is pretty consistent with few natural element concerns, you might be able to get around with the same shoes year round.

However, if you live somewhere that has a variety of weather patterns, you might need some additional shoes throughout the year.

The most common shoe necessities include snow boots for places that are known to have extreme winters and rain boots for areas that are prone to flooding.

Having these kinds of shoes is not a matter of convenience so much as absolute necessity.

Generally these kinds of shoes are used intermittently when the weather calls for it with many people bringing a change of shoes for the moment when they are out of the elements.

How many shoes does the average woman really own?

According to existing studies that have been carried out over the years, the numbers range from about seventeen to twenty-seven pairs of shoes for the average woman. 

This includes a variety of shoe types ranging from slippers to specialty shoes like hiking boots.

Many women only use certain shoes for certain occasions and rely on a core group of shoes for everyday wear.

This is generally what causes so many shoes to be collected.

They will get shoes that they only use for certain things, and since they aren’t continuously broken down, the number of shoes owned in total tends to increase.


Women get a pretty bad reputation for owning too many pairs of shoes, but owning a lot of shoes is actually not a bad thing.

The general rule is that you should not wear the same pair of shoes every day. In fact, having a variety of shoes to choose from can be good for the longevity of your shoes and for your overall foot health.

It is commonly believed that you shouldn’t wear the same shoes every day, so having different pairs of shoes to choose from is actually a very good thing.

If anything, women are ahead of the game when it comes to having enough shoes to manage all of their needs.