Everything You Need to Know About Birkenstocks

Where are Birkenstocks Made?

Birkenstock sandals are solely made in Germany, period. When it comes to shoes and boots, they are made in Portugal. We get this question a lot, does Birkenstock make anything in China? The answer is absolutely not! No Birkenstock shoes, boots or sandals are made in China. 

If you want to avoid buying fake or counterfeit shoes, avoid seller’s shipping from China. It is a rare case that someone in China is selling you legitimate Birkenstocks – unless they are used.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Your Feet?

This is another very popular question. Unlike most shoes and sandals that are designated as “comfy”, Birkenstock sandals are based on a very firm support system. One may think at first glance that they are rough on your feet.

We like comparing Birkenstocks to a firm mattress. By doing so, Birkenstock is able to provide the most comfortable and healthy experience. Birkenstock uses a very tough cork and latex footbed. What this does is allow your sandals to mold to your foot for maximum comfort. With that being said, someone else’s Birkenstocks may not be very comfortable to wear if they have already worked them in.

The longer you wear your Birkenstocks, the more comfortable they become.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Flat Feet?

When it comes to flat feet, Birkenstocks are one of your best options. Whether you are trying to avoid getting flat feet, or you’re trying to recover, these shoes or sandals will help you regardless.

They provide substantial lateral and metatarsal arch support, as well as proper medial arch support. Your feet will love you for wearing Birkenstocks.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Plantar Fasciitis?

Anyone who has had plantar fasciitis can relate to that sharp pain in the heel when you first wake up. It is very displeasing and the shoes you wear have a direct impact on avoiding this and healing from it.

So are Birkenstocks good for plantar fasciitis? The short answer is yes, but it depends which type of sandals you get. We recommend the Arizona sandals which are very well suited to the task of recovering from plantar fasciitis. 

These work very well for this because of how the latex and cork work together to shape your feet. After a short while, these sandals will help relieve the pressure that causes plantar fasciitis.

Are Birkenstocks Vegan?

We don’t receive this question too often, but some want to know if Birkenstocks are in fact vegan. Most of their product line is not vegan. They typically have a suede-lined insole made from animal skin.

How to spot vegan Birkenstocks? We have listed some of our favorite vegan Birkenstocks below that we are sure you will enjoy.

Why are Birkenstocks so Expensive?

When paying top dollar for a pair of shoes or sandals, one must ask themselves, why do Birkenstocks cost so much? There are a few contributing factors that we are about to share that will help you understand why they cost so much, and why it is worth your while if they are in your price range.

First and foremost, they basically last forever. If you take care of these sandals, they will last a very long time. I’m not talking about a couple of years here. You will be rocking these for a long time. With this being said, we advise you take your time while making a purchase to ensure you got the right ones!

Next, they are all handmade using nothing but high quality products. So while they cost a lot to buy, they also cost a lot of money to make. All 3 arches are supported on your feet, they literally heal your feet overnight if you have flat feet or bad arches. They also mold to your feet, these shoes are YOURS!

Are Birkenstocks Unisex?

Short answer: Not all Birkenstocks are unisex. Some are though, like the Arizona for example. On the other hand, there are some styles that have been designed with women in mind, and vice-versa. 

Make sure you take your time and order the correct gender + size upon checkout.

Do Birkenstocks Stretch?

It is pretty common for Birkenstocks to stretch a little bit during the break in process. Some people will actually wear socks with them in order to stretch them more for a comfortable experience once they are broken in.

Why do Birkenstocks Turn Black?

This answer is very simple, dirt and grime build up over time and start turning the shoe black. It is also common to get black spots on them. We highly recommend you clean them with the Birkenstock cleaning kit every few weeks to maximize how long they last and to maintain that beautiful color you ordered.

It is tough to avoid them turning black without simply cleaning them. If you think about it, most people wear them with bare feet. Tons of dirt and grime seeps into them. Without a proper cleaning procedure, you are bound to get them dirty and get those black spots.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Bunions?

These are probably the best shoes for bunions, hands down. Their footbed which molds to their owner helps to ease the tension and pressure of your bunions. Birkenstocks only get more comfortable with age, too. The longer you wear them, the better they break in and mold to your feet.