Do Vans Shoes Have Arch Support?

Many wearers of Vans would suggest that Vans shoes do not have much in regard to arch support.

This does not mean that Vans shoes are a lesser shoe when put into comparison with a shoe that does offer better arch support.

Vans shoes are purpose-built shoes, traditionally designed for skateboarders and the like. 

When the Vans shoe is made, the designer of the shoe must keep in mind its purpose. Vans has to balance comfort along with durability.

Not only is durability important when it comes to the sport of Skateboarding, but also being able to ‘feel’ the deck of the skateboard when performing.


When it comes to comfort in a shoe, the aspect is actually a relevant one. What this means is that comfort for one shoe may be different than comfort for a different shoe that is serving a specific purpose.

Vans shoes may be comfortable for skateboarding, but they are most certainly not comfortable in other sports such as running and basketball

Comfort in basketball means lightweight, cushion, and traction. Vans shoes can be light, but they are typically not as light as many shoes designed for basketball, nor do they provide the cushion or traction that is often needed for a high intensity basketball player. 

When it comes to running, Vans shoes does not offer the support in their sole that a runner would desire or needs in order to run comfortably. Vans shoes are often stiffer in order to endure the wear and tear of skateboarding.

Many runners and foot experts would suggest that stiff soles or shoes would not be the ideal type of shoe for running. 


Vans shoes are traditionally used for the sport of skateboarding. Not only are they most often used, they are also most often preferred over other shoes – even if those other shoes offer more arch support. 

It is true that the impact Vans shoes has had on the skateboarding culture may play a role (it might be kind of silly to see some guy in the skatepark banging out ‘kickflips’ in running shoes), but in terms of choosing a shoe that is durable for the sport, Vans shoes come in at a first choice. 

However, how much does arch support have to do with the durability of the shoe when skateboarding? Many suggest that a stiffer and flatter sole may mean less arch support, but that it means the sole will last longer for a skater. 

Traditionally, Vans shoes designed for skateboarding do not have much arch support. For many Skaters who may find this disappointing, as they would like to continue to wear Vans shoes, but would like the arch support, Vans in recent years has actually been releasing lines of shoes that offer more cushion and arch support. 

The line ‘ComfyCush’ has recently been a hot topic for Vans lovers. It’s ‘classic Vans’ on the outside, but something new on the inside. Combined with an innovative interior, the ComfyCush vans line also offers additional support in the sole for those who need it.

What does this mean for skateboarders and the like? This means that there are now options if you are wanting to stick with the Vans brand.