DIY Shoe Stretcher | How To Stretch Your Shoes At Home

Have you got a pair of shoes that would be perfect if they were just a tiny bit bigger? Or do you want to save your feet from the grueling process that can be breaking in shoes?

There are a few methods you can use that will save you from having to leave the house to return your shoes or buy a shoe stretcher that you might only use once.

The Freezer Method

Fill two freezer baggies one-third of the way with water and place them inside your shoes. If you’re worried about water leakage, go ahead and use the double bag method. Freeze the shoes and baggies until the water has turned completely into ice.

When they’re completely frozen, remove the shoes from the freezer but leave the baggies in until they have completely thawed back into water.

This DIY shoe stretching method can be repeated if the shoes are still snug. You can get up to one size larger with this method!

The Sock Method pt. I

Take as many pairs of socks as you can and stuff them in your shoes until you can’t possibly fit another sock.

Stretch your shoes by leaving the stuffed shoes overnight and see how the fit in the morning. If they’re still too snug, redo the DIY she stretcher: replace the socks and allow them to stretch for the rest of the day.

The Sock Method pt. II

Put on a pair of super-thick socks and use a hair dryer to warm the shoe. For this DIY shoe stretcher, be sure to keep the hair dryer moving so you can warm the shoe as evenly as possible.

While you’re warming the shoe, bend and flex your foot as much as you can to give it an extra stretch.

Pro tip: if your shoes are made of leather, use a leather conditioner once the shoes have cooled to avoid the leather from drying out.

The Rubbing Alcohol Method

Rubbing alcohol can be used as a DIY shoe stretcher so there’s no need to go out and spend money on a shoe stretching spray. For snug shoes, soak a sock in rubbing alcohol, put it on your foot and get your shoe on as quickly as possible. Rubbing alcohol dries out quickly!

Walk around until the sock and shoe have dried completely.

Pro tip: this method is best used on shoes made of natural materials. If you have genuine leather shoes, make sure you use a leather conditioner when the alcohol has evaporated as it will dry out the leather.