Where Are Nike Shoes Made? Not Only In China

where nike shoes are made

I still remember, the first athletic shoes that I got were Nikes and even though many brands have been getting popularity now, most of us still rely on Nike for comfortable and long-lasting shoes. But have you ever wondered where these shoes are made? My answer was “No” until I started research on it. In … Read more

Why Do Shoes Squeak?

squeaky shoes

We all love shoes and it’s hard to give up on our favorite ones when they squeak.  Squeak is produced if air or any other moisture is trapped in different parts of the shoes. It is also produced if one part of the shoe rubs with other parts and also when it rubs with a … Read more

Why Are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive? The Real Reason

balenciaga shoes

Ever wonder what could make a shoe – a regular footwear cost more than a months house rent? It’s not just you – a lot of people, and we too wonder more often than not about the surges in the prices of luxury shoes especially those from luxury brands like Balenciaga which in most cases … Read more

What Do Letters Next To Shoe Sizes Mean?

high tops

It is commonly accepted that math was a completely fine subject until it started introducing letters. This is probably why people have begun to feel betrayed when it comes time to look for a new pair of shoes and they realize that someone has gone ahead and added letters next to the traditional shoe sizes. A change like this is not … Read more

How Many Pairs Of Shoes Does The Average Woman Own?

alot of shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any outfit, and going anywhere without them is generally frowned upon.  For this reason, most people own several pairs of shoes. Considering the fact that the majority of places won’t even let you in without shoes, owning enough shoes to carry you through your days is not only a matter of looking nice, but … Read more

Why Are Sneakers So Dang Popular?


In the grand scheme of shoe shopping, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who absolutely detests sneakers. Aside from the people who are known for wearing their Sunday best every single day, most people really love a good pair of sneakers. Sneakers are a reliable source of convenience and comfort for most people when … Read more

Why Do Yeezy’s Resell For So Much?


If you are a relatively sane person operating in the real world who does not also cross into the Yeezy fandom, you might be wondering what the heck is up with these shoes. The truth is that Yeezy’s resell for so much for several reasons. The shoes are expensive to begin with, the brand is … Read more

Should You Keep Shoes In The Box?

shoes with box with guy

If you have ever had the baffling experience of seeing a person who keeps all of their shoes in their original boxes, you might be wondering if you should also be keeping your shoes in the box. This thrilling topic of debate is controversial, not only because of the fact that so many shoeboxes are … Read more

How Much Do Shoes Weigh? Heres What You Should Know

If you are the kind of person who often fantasizes about winning a gameshow by spouting out some obscure fact or you are looking to shave any additional weight off of your clothing game to optimize your walking speed, you might be curious about how much shoes actually weigh. Though there is no golden ratio … Read more