Can You Bring Shoes To The Dry Cleaner? | If You Really Want To

dry cleaning shoes

The short answer is yes, most shoes can be brought to your local dry cleaner for deep-cleaning or general upkeep. Although this may be the best option for your investment pieces, the cost can quickly add up. This may be a favorable option for materials that cannot be cleaned with detergent and water at home.  … Read more

Where Are Adidas Shoes Made? Mostly In Asia

adidas shoes making

All day I dream about… bonus points if you know what Im talking about. Adidas is one of the most popular athletic clothing and shoe brands today. The company was founded in Germany in 1924 and is currently headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. There are 23 Adidas factories just in Germany alone! Adidas is the biggest … Read more

How To Know When Your Shoes Are Worn Out

worn out shoes

Over wearing your favorite pair of shoes can cause major discomfort and even worse, injury. Worn out shoes will have not as good arch support, ankle support, and can cause back pain. New shoes are designed in a way to work together with your foot to help you walk in the most comfortable way possible. … Read more

Will Your Shoes Shrink In The Dryer? Possibly

shoes out of the dryer

I totally understand why you are concerned about your shoes shrinking in the dryer. You don’t want to throw your new Yeezy’s in the dryer and find them to come out a size smaller. The short answer is yes most fabric materials will shrink when heated. Things like cotton and canvas you can for sure … Read more

Will Shoes Damage My Dryer? Not All Shoes

girl getting shoes from dryer

What a great question to have. I certainly don’t want my dryer being damaged after what I spent on it at Lowe’s.  Most shoes will not damage your dryer but yet your dryer may damage your shoes. This is something to consider.  If you are worried at all about your dryer being damaged you should … Read more

Best Shoes For Standing All Day

comfortable shoes on feet

The best shoes for work are ones that almost feel like you’re wearing slippers. Comfortable work shoes aren’t ones that you’re desperate to kick off every time you sit down. They are shoes that you might forget to take off when you get home from work because you forget you’re wearing them! No matter what … Read more

What Is A Minimalist Shoe? Heres What You Need To Know

minimalist shoe

A minimalist shoe is a true-to-foot shoe that has been designed with the natural characteristics of a foot in mind. They are supposed to make your feet stronger, minimalize injuries and overall, be a more efficient shoe. The idea of the minimalist shoe is to take your feet back to the organic shoe-wearing experience – … Read more

What Are Non Slip Shoes? You Might Not Know This

non slips

The Importance of Slip Resistant Shoes Have you recently been employed or do you currently work at an industry that requires you to wear non slip shoes? For many of us, non slip shoes are essential to our daily work life. These shoes are known to neutralize the hazards of slippery floors and create a … Read more

What Are Business Casual Shoes?

business casual shoes

OK, so you landed the job or internship you’ve been working so hard to get. You’ve got all your credentials lined up and your head is in the game. Your new boss outlines your position and their expectations when it comes to your performance and then they mention their dress code: business casual. There are … Read more

Why Do Shoes Turn Yellow? It Might Not Be Why You Think

yellowing shoes

[amazon box=”B000UDEBMA”] Most of us have a large cabinet of shoes and have a variety of options to wear as in, different colors, styles. And in today’s world, having white shoes is mandatory for people who are more aware of fashion nowadays. The ones who own these white sneakers, loafers, etc. must have noticed that … Read more