Best Footwear For Beach Walking

footprints in the sand at the beach

Picture this. You are walking down the beach. Sand is gently slipping under the weight of your feet while its warmth reaches up to remind you that you are in paradise. Your gait is confident, as if you were made to walk across sandy beaches like some sap from a romance novel. Everything feels right. … Read more

How To Stretch The Arch Of Your Foot

arch of foot

Whether you watched some random internet video warning you about the risks of injuring or collapsing your arch. Or you simply developed a spontaneous interest in stretching random parts of your body, stretching your arches is a good way to ward off common health problems associated with this part of your body. Though you may … Read more

Best Fabrics For Socks For Everyday Activities

socks in sand

The last thing that people tend to consider when going shopping for clothes is the fabric of their socks. Look, we know that there is a good sized chance that you are still wearing the socks given to you by parents and well meaning relatives on holidays. It’s fine. Picking socks isn’t generally a pastime … Read more

How Many Miles Can A Dog Run?

dog running

Most dogs should not be pushed past 3-4 miles a day. Running is a great way to pass time. It has a variety of health benefits that can range from keeping you fit to keeping the mad anxiety that comes with the total train wreck that is adult hood in check. Plus, there’s a certain … Read more

Can You Wear Running Shoes Everyday?

running shoes

Whether you are the kind of person who runs miles every single day or an average running enthusiast who realistically only gets out for the odd mile every other month, chances are that you absolutely love your running shoes. Everything about a good pair of running shoes is designed to give the person wearing them … Read more

Is Wearing Shoes Without Socks Bad?

man socks

We all know that society loves to hit us with absurd wive’s tales that are really more about stopping you from doing something that your mom wouldn’t like than they are about helping us to live better lives. But there is no denying the fact that some of these ridiculous sounding rumors are absolutely true. … Read more