Can Birkenstock Sandals Get Wet?

You have probably seen every hipster person on your college campus with a pair of Birkenstock sandals on their feet. Since you are here that must be you.

I know you are worried about getting your new Birkenstocks wet so let’s talk about it. The simple answer to if Birkenstocks can get wet is yes, yes they can.

As long as you take the proper steps to care for and maintain your Birks they will last a very long time even if they are getting wet from time to time.

What do I do after they get wet?

So the time has come that you stepped in that puddle or you dropped your sandals in the water after surfing.

Now you have a wet pair of Birks on your hands and you will want to let them fully dry out before wearing them again.

If you get water in the cork sole and then wear them it can deform the surface where your foot goes.

Never use excessive heat to dry your Birkenstocks. The best option is really to let your sandals dry in a well ventilated area. Posting them up in the sun may be a viable option but be sure to bring them in once they are dry.


Prevention / Maintenance

As mentioned above your Birks will come from the factory with waterproof sealer on the cork. As this layer wears off you will want to be sure to replace the layer of sealant.

When your cork sole is not being protected it allows moisture to creep inside.

Once the shiny layer on your cork sole has worn off you will know that it is time to apply cork sealer.

Before you apply your sealer make sure that your shoes are clean and dry. Knock off all dirt and anything else with a soft to medium stiffness brush.

This type of cork sealer can be found on Amazon. For the top leather part of your shoes you can use a spray on waterproofer that is safe for leather if you feel it is necessary.

Below is a really cool care kit that will help your Birks last for many more years.

What material are Birkenstocks made of?

Your Birkenstock sandals are made out of cork sole, and a suede leather upper. These sandals come from the factory with a bit of waterproof sealer on the cork sole. Over time this sealant will wear off and water will be able to be absorbed by the cork.

The upper portion of the sandal is made from a suede leather known as “full grain leather”.

This leather material is open pored which is supposed to allow your foot to breath. Full grain leather will also soak up water pretty good, which you don’t necessarily want.

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