Best Shoes For The Best College Guys

When you are a college student, shoes can be a point of both absolute joy and peril. On one hand, the world of shoe design is getting pretty intense and there are some seriously nice kicks out here just waiting to pull together your outfit for the next big party down the street.

On the other hand, since it is likely that you, being in college, do not have a sickening amount of money to spend on shoes, it can be crucial to make sure that you have the general staples of shoe life down to make sure that you have what you need before you spend all of your free money on beer.

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It is completely possible that you don’t think that shoes are all that important, but this article is here to tell you that the wrong shoes can take you from being a solid 8.5 to a 3.2789 when your other people look at you.

This is why making sure that you have a few pairs of appropriate and neutral shoe types that can be worn with various outfits is a great way to guarantee that you will always look put together and worthy of attention whether you are trying to land a date or a big internship. 

What to wear to go out

In a world where streetwear prevails (by a world we mean this world right here), finding a trendy pair of sneakers to wear with your going out clothes can take your appearance game to the next level.

To be clear, we are not telling you to put on your musty gym sneakers and wear them to a party. We mean honest to god sneakerhead sneakers that are focused on comfort and fashion rather than performance.

We know some of you get confused, so as a general rule, if it looks like it was designed to help you carry out a literal slam dunk and not a dating one, the shoes aren’t right.

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Normal sneakers are more prone to having relatively flat and even bottoms rather than the shapes and insane boosts that one might see when it comes to gym shoes.

There are multipurpose shoes that can encompass both, but the cross of using the same shoes for the gym as you do to party is committing to wearing your shoes out quickly and possibly having smelly feet.

Like all of the time. Common shoes that will pull your outfit together include high-top Vans, Converse, and the more fashionable looking Adidas and Nike shoes.

You do not have to be brand specific, but do be aware that these guys are setting the design preferences for all of the cheaper shoes available. Wearing shoes like this will allow you to remain comfortable while looking well dressed and put together.

What to wear to the gym

A key component when it comes to maximizing performance and minimizing injury at the gym is the shoes that you wear.

While you can certainly go out and buy an average pair of performance sneakers, knowing what you are looking for can help you make the most out of your time spent working out.

If your primary form of exercise is running, getting a legitimate pair of running shoes rather than a catch-all sneaker option can help you to run better, have better form, and will support you in ways that match the physical exercise itself.

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In this day and age when working out is not only popular but incredibly widespread in terms of what methods people use to exercise, you are likely to find that there are a lot of different shoes designed to match certain forms of exercise in a way that will support the user and help limit the potential for common injuries.

Even if you’re a more general gym user, there are shoes designed with soles that are meant to help keep you firmly grounded on popular gym floor materials to help you to avoid slipping and looking dumb in front of that cute person that you are definitely not checking out.

When you set out to buy a new pair of shoes, try researching to see if people are using those specific shoes for the workout of your choice. You are likely to find reviews from people who have given it a shot.

What to wear to an internship

Though the best parts of college are definitely working out and partying, there is that whole issue built around getting a job during or after college.

Since internships and entry-level positions are a great way to beef up your resume so that you can land that dream job once your degree is complete, you have to be prepared to look the part.

It is unlikely that a corporate big wig wants to see you strolling in wearing your gym shorts, so you can safely assume that they don’t want to see your gym shoes either. This is why it is absolutely crucial that every young future professional have a nice pair of shoes that can be worn with a good suit.

Depending on your preference and budget, you might be looking for a typical pair of Sunday dress shoes from your local store or you might be hoping to buy the kind of shoes that require real maintenance and care.

Regardless of what you prefer, it is important that you get a nice, well-laced and designed pair of dress shoes in a neutral color.

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Though black as a color for these shoes might seem like the most basic, neutral shades of brown and tan can really pull together a professional look so long as you make sure that your suit color and corresponding belt color work well with the color of the shoe.

For example, you would never want to wear a pair of black shoes with a beige suit because the stark color will stand out and look completely out of place. Always look up what colors work together when piecing your outfit together to avoid any childish errors in fashion!


Having the right kinds of shoes for the right situation will help you to always look put together even when your life is in shambles and you have missed classes all day because of a hangover.  

This is one surefire way to pull your outfits in line to a clean finish that will have you feeling good and looking sharp.

Don’t be afraid to put in a little extra effort when it comes to researching the right look for you. No one is going to be laughing when you show up looking better than the other five guys next to you.

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