Best Shoe Cleaner in the World

Are you looking for the best shoe cleaner in the world that could take care of all types of shoes? Whether it’s made of leather, rubber, nylon or any other material, a good shoe cleaner will clean everything, extend the lifespan of shoes and give them a new look. 

Here are the top eight most trusted and high performing shoe cleaners that you must have at home to clean the shoes of the entire family:

Best Overall

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Jason Markk is top-rated and most versatile shoe cleaner on the market. The US-made shoe cleaner comes in a 4 OZ bottle and chemical-free solution that is safe to use on all types of shoes. Its biodegradable material doesn’t impact the colours and materials of shoes. The little amount of solution can clean up hundreds of pairs of shoes. 

The shoe cleaner comes with a wooden cleaning brush with soft hog bristles that works well on every type of shoe without ruining the material of shoes. This is quite useful in tackling dirt and maintaining the value of your shoes. Expect all-round cleaning services from this amazing shoe cleaner within minutes. Since this cleaner contains a safe liquid to be applied to the shoes, so you can use this shoe cleaner on your expensive sneakers or suede shoes. 

Whether you use it on white shoes or any other colour shoes, this will upkeep for long without discolouring it. You can even use the shoe cleaner without brush using a damp cloth or dish towel if they get mud or grime on them. The cleaner does a wonderful job on a variety of shoes and quite helpful in getting rid of marks on the shoes. 

This makes your shoes like new, easy to use and get you significant results after daily use. Jason Markk shoe cleaner is the number one shoe cleaner in the world without smell and avoids embarrassment. This is the real deal you can find at a reasonable price. 


  • Remove stains and marks instantly
  • Works in seconds
  • Clearly make a difference on the shoes


  • Can’t get better cleaner than this


Best Everyday Sneaker Cleaner

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If you are a frequent traveller who has to visit across the country for business or any other purpose, this is just made for you. Quick Wipes gives you a pack of disposable wipes to remove dirt and stains from your shoes. This is particularly the best shoe cleaner in the world for sneakers. 

The cleaner consists of 100% safe chemicals that will not ruin the fabric and colours of your sneakers. As far as removing dirt and grime is concerned, this solution works great on most shoes. However, it is not recommended to use on suede leather. The wipes come in nice packaging that anyone can keep in his/her travel bag and use it conveniently. 

This cleaner is particularly the best for white rubber shoes as it can clean the dirt and make them look white again. We recommend this cleaner for maintaining a nice appearance to your shoes. It smells great, and the solution stays long on the shoe preventing the dust on it. 

A piece of wipe would be sufficient to get off all the dirt from your shoes and great for travellers to maintain the nice appearance of their shoes. The wipes contain a solution that works effectively on shoes and they look brand new. 

Buyers call these as super wipes for cleaning all types of dirt, and it is one of the highly-rated cleaners on the market. It gives an instant solution for cleaning a wide range of shoes. 


  • Effortless use
  • 60 wipes are enough for the month
  • Nice packaging


  •  Not suitable for suede leather


Best On-the-Go Cleaner

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Crep Protect shoe cleaner is the ultimate travel kit to take off all your worries to maintain a nice appearance while travelling. Besides its natural ingredient cleaning solution, this cleaner boasts the brush consisting of 17,000 hog hair bristles to deliver remarkable cleaning results. That’s why it is recommended to use shoes with delicate materials. 

The cleaner comes in a 100ml bottle that is enough for the shoes of the whole family. This cleaner works great on a variety of materials like rubber, leather, canvas and suede. The compact size cleaner comes in a package consisting of soft cloth, soft and non-abrasive brush and most importantly contains solution made of coconut extracts and aqua. 

You can use this cleaner on white, brown or any other colour shoes and it will deliver great results on all. This solution can work on almost 50 pairs of shoes. The cleaner ensures a cleaner look of your shoes when you’re on the way. This is the best shoe cleaner in the world to give a fresh look to your shoes. 

This cleaning kit always maintains your shoes and gives them a fresh look while you are on the road. The cleaner is handy, compact in size, and keeps your shoes protected from dust two-fold. This is a great product from Crep and meets the expectations of people looking for an effective shoe cleaner. 

You can apply this cleaner to any shoe irrespective of its brand and does the wonderful job for cleaning shoes. 


  • Suitable travel kit 
  • Great solution for cleaning shoes
  • Gives a gleaming look to shoes


  • So far good


Best brushes to clean sneakers

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Shacke Store presents an innovative and functional brush cleaner for cleaning shoes. It looks quite odd in the first instance, but it is a 4-way leather brush that gives most cleaning to shoes. It is efficient to use on a variety of things like shoes, jackets, coats, sneakers and even furniture. The brush works with liquids, foams, sprays and cleaning kits as well. 

The indispensable welt brush works effectively on stains and marks. It can work on almost all types of materials. Whether its leather, nubuck or rubber sneakers, the brush can clean all shoes. Its rounded corners can reach to narrow space and makes cleaning effortless. The brush is designed to ensure cleaning to grooves and crevices. It is recommended because large brushes can’t reach narrow spaces. 

The brush has soft bristles that wouldn’t leave scratches on the shoes. The soft bristles of the brush ensure cleaning while damaging the surface of the shoes. It doesn’t only clean the shoes but also gives your shoes a new and fresh look. 

It is one of the best choices at a low price. If you want to maintain a nice and clean look of your shoes, then this is a time of need. The small brush is quite functional and will get rid of dirt at the bargain price. 

The shoe has an ergonomic design that is easy to hold and portable to be used while travelling to keep the shoes clean and tidy all time. 


  • Quick cleaner
  • Easy to use
  • Highly recommended shoe cleaner


  • Need to be used with care


Best Sneaker Shoe Cleaner

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Are you looking to clean your white sneakers? Sneaker Aid 4 Piece Starter Kit introduces a complete shoe cleaner for your dirty shoes. This shoe cleaner can clean dirt, stains, marks, and mud from shoes quite effectively. It takes away all your worries for maintaining a nice presentation and look of your shoes.  

This shoe cleaner is marketed with two extra brushes for cleaning all types of dirt and grime from the shoes. This cleaner does more than just cleaning your shoes by protecting from creasing and wrinkles. Its 4 step cleaning keeps the shoes properly clean in a few minutes. Just apply the solution on the brush and scrub the shoes. Then you can wipe them with the cloth. This is how simple it is to clean the shoes and give them a new look. 

Don’t worry about the safety of your shoes as it contains natural ingredients which will ruin the colour or material of your shoes after continuous use. The cleaner includes two brushes containing horsehair to be used on the heavy-duty shoes. This cleaner is suitable to use on various shoe materials like leather, nylon, rubber, canvas, mesh and plastic as well. 

Get the spotless shoes with this amazing shoe cleaner kit and keep them in good condition as long as you have a Sneaker Aid kit with you. This is exclusively made for sneakers but also good to use on other types of shoes. 


  • Natural and safe to use
  • Gives impressive results
  • Complete cleaning kit


  •  A bit expensive.


Best Suede Shoe Cleaner

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Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot is the US-made dual kit shoe cleaner to clean your footwear from dust, dirt and stains. This is an all-in-one suede and fabric shoe cleaner that can turn the yellow sneakers into white within no time. Although this is exclusively made as a suede cleaner, you can use this solution on nubuck, canvas and shoes made up of refined leather. 

The shoe cleaner comes in a package that includes water repellent spray, eraser, brush and most importantly, the solution itself. The water repellent keeps the shoes safe from the water and removes any dry stains over them by giving them an impressive look.

The repellent will protect shoes from rain, snow and puddles keeping your shoes dry for long. It equips a stain eraser brush that does the wonder, and then Revivex cleaner doubles the cleaning. This cleaner is safe to use on all types of footwear irrespective of their materials. 

Revivex shoe cleaner is a must-have cleaner for maintaining shoes at home. The 4-ounce bottle solution is enough for dozens of suede pairs of shoes. This is the ultimate solution for your shoes to enhance their life. Give your shoes a new life from Revivex and give extended protection for your shoes. 

Over time the shoes external starts to deteriorate due to mud and accumulations of stains. Now you can protect your shoes or restore the original position of shoes with Revivex Gear Aid. If you’re wondering what’s the best shoe cleaner in the world, Revivex care kit is the answer. 


  • Effective and long-lasting formula 
  • Works well on full grain leather shoes and boots
  • Water repellent adds an extra layer on the shoes


  •  It comes in little quantity 


Best Leather Shoe Cleaner

[amazon box=”B001CS2Q4M”]

Bickmore Bick 4 leather conditioner is one of the popular on the market for cleaning leather shoes. Since this is quite different from the traditional shoe cleaners and marketed as a conditioner. This is suitable for leather products that clean, polishes and protect them for long. It is good to clean shoes, jackets, handbags, upholstery and a wide range of leather products. 

If you own a pair of rough, dull and worn leather shoes, then you must try Bickmore condition on them, and it will revive their original condition. Rather than darkening your leather shoes, it is ideal for softening your leather shoes and for preserving finished leather. The conditioner promises not to leave a residue on the shoes. 

Bickmore leather conditioner doesn’t contain any wax and will not block the pores of the leather, making them breathable and usable for a long time. Since Bickmore is a pioneer in producing leather cleaning products, you can expect high quality and reliability from this conditioner. 

It is marketed as a leather care product and simple to apply on all leather products. The 8 oz bottle is perfect at this price. Just apply the condition on the leather shoes with the help of cloth and leave it for some time. The formula gives a new look while maintaining the softness of the shoes. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Water resistant
  • Great smell


  •  Not suitable for distressed or napped leather


Best cleaning cream for leather sneakers

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Kelly’s Shoe cream is a traditional shoe polish to enhance the colour and finishing of shoes. The cream contains natural waxes that preserves the material of the shoes while adding a fresh look to them. This cream does not alter the original shade of your shoes and restores them in the original position.

The shoe cream comes in a 1.5 oz jar that is enough to use the whole month. The cream is available in multiple colours, allowing people to add grace to their shoes. It’s a great cream to use at home regularly to maintain the appearance of your shoes and make them look tidy. 

If you want an inexpensive shoe cream to tackle all your shoes, then one jar of Kelly cream is enough. The cream is available in many fashionable colours and known as shoe colour healer in the market. You can apply this cream to your shoes using a dish towel, soft brush or even with hands. 

It adds a sweet fragrance to your shoes and works on all types of leather shoes and sneakers. It can completely transform the discoloured shoes and add a new life to them. You can find any colour or shade from Kelly’s shoe cream. 

The cream spreads nicely without caking and fixes color issues of shoes, bags and other leather products. It gives even and glittering finishes to your shoes and worth investing. 


  • Adds life to your shoes
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for all materials



  •  It requires scrubbing to absorb