Best Fabrics For Socks For Everyday Activities

The last thing that people tend to consider when going shopping for clothes is the fabric of their socks.

Look, we know that there is a good sized chance that you are still wearing the socks given to you by parents and well meaning relatives on holidays.

It’s fine. Picking socks isn’t generally a pastime that people seek out. This is pretty unfortunate because socks actually hold the golden key to keeping your feet and shoes staying sharp and functional.

While you have been over here sleeping on the nearly endless benefits of choosing the right socks depending on what activity you are doing and what kind shoes you are wearing, your feet have been suffering for your lack of education.

Fear not, we are here to let you know what the biggest things you need to be aware of when it comes to buying and wearing the right kind of socks.

Best fabric socks for daily walking

Chances are if you are wearing some random pair of socks that you picked up at target or that were given to you as a present by your grandmother who still thinks that you love bright colors and dream of being a unicorn tamer, there is a pretty good chance that your socks are made of cotton.

tall socks

Cotton is a popular material for daily wear socks because it absorbs excess moisture well and is fairly comfortable. Though you may not dream about how wonderful your socks are, you have probably seldom found yourself inconvenienced by them.

Cotton is a reliable material that will help you to dodge getting blisters and can keep your feet comfortable while you run errands.

Pure cotton socks are known for their general soft feeling and incredible comfort, but socks made completely from cotton are more appropriate for outfits that you will not be doing a lot of exercise in.

Synthetic cotton hybrids are a popular alternative embraced by many top sock brands that give you the comfort of cotton with the moisture control of synthetics. This is the best of both worlds when it comes to running errands on a hot summer day.

Best fabric socks for running

Since running is a physical activity that is known for making even the fittest of fit break a good sweat, choosing the right socks can be important to dodge pulling a soaked sock out of your shoe when you are done.

As far as choosing the right type of sock for running goes, Coolmax  and acrylic materials are considered to be the absolute best for comfortable material when you are doing something that will cause you to sweat a lot.

These fabrics have been around for a good long while and they are often combined with other materials, like cotton or wool, to make a great sock.

This material is known for its unique ability to remove moisture from your feet and also provides temperature control properties that can be favorable depending on what you are doing for exercise and how the weather is looking that day.

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Your best bet for a good running sock would be to rely on a cotton and acrylic combination sock to enjoy both comfort and the convenience of not drowning your toes in your own sweat.

Best socks for hiking

When it comes to conquering the mountains, you will often hear people talking about wool socks. Suffice it to say that when you trade in your basic cotton socks for some wool ones and take off on the trails, you will notice the difference almost immediately.

Most people think of wool and automatically conjure up an image of a hideous and itchy sweater from an aunt with coffee breath, but most hiking socks are made from merino wool, which is actually quite soft and comfortable.

Wool is a favorable choice among hiking enthusiasts because it offers a wide variety of benefits with the most prominent three being that it is great for temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and is incredibly durable.

This means that your socks will last long, keep your toes warm on the coldest of nights, and will soak up all of that nasty sweat forming while you climb that mountain.

An additional benefit to these socks is that wool is antimicrobial by nature, meaning your wool socks are less likely to get smelly even after you have trekked ten miles. They also offer a good amount of padding, which will protect you from getting any pesky blisters.

Best fabric socks for dress shoes

As far as dress socks go, you might be surprised to know that the majority of these socks are made from very thin cotton or wool. While these socks might not look like the dinosaur themed socks you’re hiding in your sneakers, the material is actually likely very similar in nature.

The primary difference when it comes to dress socks is that most include less padding and might be prepared a little different.

Wool socks for business can be favorable when it comes to heading to work in winter, and cotton can be a good choice in warmer months to give you a lighter sock that can still absorb the sweat being generated in your completely leather shoes.

business man in dress socks

When it comes to choosing the right sock, make sure that you consider how smooth the material is. Since these socks are also often combined with synthetic materials, it is possible for you to end up with a smooth and slippery sock that might not fair well depending on the material inside of your shoe.


Thinking about the fabric of your socks might not be the most exciting thing that you do today, but it really is amazing how much more smoothly things can go if you choose the right sock for the job.

If you find yourself consistently taken aback by how soggy your socks are or if you seem to be getting blisters every time that you walk for too long, changing up your sock materials can be a great way to solve these problems.

You would be surprised by how different your walking experiences can be when you change up the combination of materials in your socks. You won’t be disappointed.