Best Doormat for Cleaning Shoes

No one welcomes the dirt, dust and rainwater inside the home that can enter into the house through dirty shoes and makes your home a haven for bacterias and germs. Cleaning shoes outside the home saves your home all types of impurities and germs. Outdoor doormats make the best choice to restrict the dust and dirt outside the home. But you don’t know which doormat works the best and cleans the shoes properly. 

Don’t panic! You don’t need to spend hours searching and comparing doormats for cleaning shoes, as we have already invested an enormous time in arranging in-depth information by evaluating features and performance of the best cowards for cleaning shoes. Here are some essential doormats that you must have in your home:


Gorilla Grip Original Durable Natural Rubber Door Mat

Gorilla Grip gets to the top of the list due to its durable construction and various features. This environment-friendly doormat is made of 100% natural rubber that is highly effective for shoes cleaning. The doormat features a beautiful design and pattern, making it the perfect cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. 

The best thing about Gorilla Grip doormats is that they are easily aligned with the home decor because of availability in multiple colours and styles. When it comes to choosing doormats for home, most customers give durability and safety foremost importance. Fortunately, Gorilla Grip doormats are the most durable and safest mat on the market. 

The doormat absorbs the dirt, dust and moisture out of your shoes with its raised polypropylene fabric that traps dirt and absorbs moisture from the base of the shoes. This doormat carries a superior rubber bevelled border that prevents mud from entering the home. 

This doormat distinguishes itself from the rest with its sleek and low-profile design. The multipurpose doormat enhances the decor of your home and can be used anywhere around the house, whether you put it on the front door, garage or other common areas as a shoe cleaner. It’s easy to clean design makes it long-lasting to use. 


  • Sleek and elegant construction
  • Effective to capture dust and moisture
  • 10 years warranty


  • Requires frequent maintenance


Rubber-Cal 10-100-514 Rubber-Cal Herringbone Outdoor Scraper

Rubber-Cal makes another high-performing and functional outdoor scraper for your home. Its unique repetitive pattern with spaces in between allows mud to fall, and design makes it a perfect tool for shoe cleaning. The doormat is made of coir material that prevents soil, and moisture from entering into the home. 

If you have a muddy backyard and children frequently move in and out of the home, then you must get this doormat. This doormat has a natural coir colour that makes it suitable for all types of home decor. It is an ideal doormat to use on the front door to keep your to keep floors tidy and clean. Rubber-Cal is one of the best outdoor doormats for cleaning shoes that you should consider. 

This powerful doormat carries superior quality and possesses useful scraper capabilities. It works great against moisture, mud and snow while ensuring clean and bright floors all the time. It is all-weather resistant and easy to clean, making it a preferred choice for customers due to its durability and extended life. 

The Herringbone Outdoor Scraper is designed to resist against the soles filled with mud and dirt. Unlike similarly priced doormats, it perfectly lays flats and is useful in filtering out impurities from all types of shoe soles. It’s easy to clean and works exactly as advertised. 


  • Odor-free and easy to maintain
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Perfect to get rid of bacteria and allergens 


  • It may not align with your home decor, but overall a good mat. 


Kempf Inlaid Half Round Black Border Coco Coir Mat

Kempf Inland Half Round doormat is the most innovative and fantastic doormat that you can buy for cleaning shoes. It is made of natural coco fibre combined with recycled rubber that is proven to provide resistance against dirt and dust. This heavy-duty doormat equips an extra thick layer of coco coir, making it impossible for dirt and moisture to escape the doormat. 

Its anti-slip rubbing base doesn’t let the doormat slip when stepped on it. Thus, making this the most demanding doormat in the industry. However, this is a lightweight and comfortable shoe mat to use at home. The doormat comes in the right size and perfectly sits on the door front to work as a guard. 

This is an all-weather resistant doormat; whether you use it in summer or winter season, it always comes up to the expectations. It’s quite useful to keep your floor shining and dirt-free. Just put your dirty shoes on this mat, and it will absorb all the dirt from your soles. 

This is a sturdy and affordable doormat, works excellent and above all, the best door trapper. The best feature about this mat is that it doesn’t break into pieces. Get the top-rated doormat which has the highest reviews on Amazon. 


  • It has elegant design
  • Durable and reliable 
  • Easy to use


  • Small size mat


Gorilla Grip Original Indoor Durable Chenille Doormat

Gorilla Grip introduces another standard and highly-functional doormat to fight against dirty, muddy and lasts long. The diverse doormat is available in multiple sizes and colours, allowing customers to choose according to their need. It is an indoor doormat, designed as super absorbent and efficiently traps mud from the deep soles of shoes. 

This doormat comes in 30″ x 20″ dimensions making it the right sized doormat for any home. It is the best doormat for cleaning shoes that can be placed in rooms, garage and other entry points of the home. Its long soft plush makes it a comfortable doormat to use at home. 

Besides effective shoe cleaning, this multipurpose doormat saves your feet from cold floors. It comes in a wide range of colours that can complement your home decor. It carries premium construction and lasts longer than most expensive doormats. One of the reasons customers like this doormat is because it is easy to clean. It is machine washable and quick to dry. 

It is a perfect doormat that sits on the floor, takes all the dirt and dust out of shoes, and it is an extremely comfortable doormat. If you want to keep your floor looking beautiful, you can use this doormat. 


  • Multifunctional doormat
  • Great absorbent for dirt and moisture
  • Soft, durable and cushy


  •  Need lots of care


Indoor Doormat Front Door Mat Non Slip Rubber Backing Absorbent Mud

It is another option for people who don’t have a tight budget to invest in a doormat. The standard size door mat absorbs moisture and removes all types of dirt from the shoes. You can call it a dirt trapper or front door rug; it is the best you can get at this price. The multifunctional shoes can be placed either on entryway, garage or in a kitchen; it will settle with any home decor. 

It is a low-profile, non-slip doormat that scrapes off everything stuck to the sole of shoes. The doormat fulfils the desires of modern decor due to its fashionable design. It showcases fine sewing technology backed with rubber backup, making it the best doormat for cleaning shoes. You can clean this doormat easily with a vacuum or by shaking it off. 

Refetone offers doormats in a sufficient size covering almost the entire door front and offers plenty of designs to choose. This doormat is designed to prevent snow, mud, slush, and provides a great style to your home. We prefer buying this doormat for normal use. 


  • Lays flat and looks great
  • Traps dirt and moisture efficiently
  • Good value


  • Not a heavy duty doormat