How To Make Your Vans Shoes Waterproof

waterproof vans shoes

I am so glad you are wearing a pair of Vans in the first place! One unfortunate thing about these shoes though is that most of them are not waterproof. I mean they were built for skateboarding and not stepping in puddles but that is besides the point.  Let’s make sure you know how to … Read more

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How To Make Your Shoes Not Stink

Smelly shoes

Smelly shoes are never a good thing. Unless you’re into that. But for the most of us it creates somewhat of an issue.  Especially if you are standing in line at Walmart and can smell the stench from your shoes leaking up to your nose. The person in line behind you can most certainly smell … Read more

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How To Know When Your Shoes Are Worn Out

worn out shoes

Over wearing your favorite pair of shoes can cause major discomfort and even worse, injury. Worn out shoes will have not as good arch support, ankle support, and can cause back pain. New shoes are designed in a way to work together with your foot to help you walk in the most comfortable way possible. … Read more

How To Break In New Shoes

broken in shoes

You finally got that sweet pair of shoes you’ve been waiting for! Way to go! Only after the first day of wearing your new shoes you come to find that your feet hurt. Thats not good. Today we are going to show you how to break in those new shoes. Breaking in your shoes is … Read more

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Are Toms Shoes Good/Bad For Your Feet?

Toms shoes

You have finally got yourself a pair of Toms, congratulations! How long did it take you to finally give in and buy a pair?  As swag as Toms look, you may be asking yourself are these shoes actually good for my feet?  Like we have stated in other articles, unless you need shoes specifically designed … Read more

Will Your Shoes Shrink In The Dryer? Possibly

shoes out of the dryer

I totally understand why you are concerned about your shoes shrinking in the dryer. You don’t want to throw your new Yeezy’s in the dryer and find them to come out a size smaller. The short answer is yes most fabric materials will shrink when heated. Things like cotton and canvas you can for sure … Read more

Will Shoes Damage My Dryer? Not All Shoes

girl getting shoes from dryer

What a great question to have. I certainly don’t want my dryer being damaged after what I spent on it at Lowe’s.  Most shoes will not damage your dryer but yet your dryer may damage your shoes. This is something to consider.  If you are worried at all about your dryer being damaged you should … Read more

What Kills Fungus In Shoes? This Will

fungus shoes

Sounds like you got some fungus in your shoes you need gone. The reason you have fungus shoes doesn’t matter but we are going to make sure it gets killed. If you have bought a second hand pair of shoes you may want to do this even if you don’t think they have fungus.  Main … Read more

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How To Keep Your Feet Cool In Sneakers

shoes that need cooled down

I am so glad I have found someone else that has fires in their shoes on the daily. I know the feeling of having hot, sweaty feet all day. Fortunately I have found ways to overcome this problem. The issue with having hot feet is that it is very unpleasant and it usually creates a … Read more

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Are Old Shoes Bad For Your Feet? Not Always

old worn out shoes

Have you found a pair of shoes from 10 years ago you used to love and now you want to wear them again? That is great! In most cases the shoes are fine for your feet. I think another question that arises is are the shoes just old or are they worn out? Or are … Read more