Everything You Need to Know About Birkenstocks

Where are Birkenstocks Made? Birkenstock sandals are solely made in Germany, period. When it comes to shoes and boots, they are made in Portugal. We get this question a lot, does Birkenstock make anything in China? The answer is absolutely not! No Birkenstock shoes, boots or sandals are made in China.  If you want to … Read more

Best Doormat for Cleaning Shoes

No one welcomes the dirt, dust and rainwater inside the home that can enter into the house through dirty shoes and makes your home a haven for bacterias and germs. Cleaning shoes outside the home saves your home all types of impurities and germs. Outdoor doormats make the best choice to restrict the dust and … Read more

Best Shoe Cleaner for Jordans

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush And Solution Jason Markk has been serving the customers with its range of productive shoe cleaners. This is overall a top-rated cleaner for sneakers and a wholesome cleaner that can clean a variety of shoe types. Jason Markk cleaner consists of a mild yet effective shoe cleaner that cleans … Read more

Best Tennis Shoe Cleaner

If you are a tennis enthusiast and love to play tennis as a regular sport, then you must use tennis shoes to protect your feet from injuries. However, tennis shoes get dirty so easily and vulnerable to stains and marks. Tennis shoes look so bad when they get stains or marks on them. However, cleaning … Read more

Best Shoe Cleaning Kit

Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush And Solution When it comes to removing stains and getting rid of dirt, Jason Markk gives you an instant solution. It is a premium shoe cleaner that delivers the best results for shoe cleaning and maintaining a tidy appearance. Jason Markk shoe solution comes in a handy 4 oz … Read more

Best Shoe Cleaner in the World

Are you looking for the best shoe cleaner in the world that could take care of all types of shoes? Whether it’s made of leather, rubber, nylon or any other material, a good shoe cleaner will clean everything, extend the lifespan of shoes and give them a new look.  Here are the top eight most … Read more

Can You Bring Shoes To The Dry Cleaner? | If You Really Want To

dry cleaning shoes

The short answer is yes, most shoes can be brought to your local dry cleaner for deep-cleaning or general upkeep. Although this may be the best option for your investment pieces, the cost can quickly add up. This may be a favorable option for materials that cannot be cleaned with detergent and water at home.  … Read more

How To Wash Converse Shoes In The Washing Machine

Converse about to be washed

Lets start off by saying that the official Converse website specially says do not wash your Converse in the washing machine. With this being said, please proceed at your own risk and with caution.  I would not throw a new pair or near new pair in the washer anyways.  This is for the pair of … Read more

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Where Are Adidas Shoes Made? Mostly In Asia

adidas shoes making

All day I dream about… bonus points if you know what Im talking about. Adidas is one of the most popular athletic clothing and shoe brands today. The company was founded in Germany in 1924 and is currently headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. There are 23 Adidas factories just in Germany alone! Adidas is the biggest … Read more

How To Clean Vans Shoelaces

Vans shoelaces

I think one of the most iconic parts of a pair of Vans shoes are the bold, white, flat shoelaces that the majority of Vans have. If your bright white laces are dirty, then your whole outfit can be thrown off. You do not want that. Materials needed You will need a few simple items … Read more

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