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How To Clean Black Suede Shoes

Suede is a material that almost always acts as an indirect status symbol purely because of how complicated it is to manage and maintain it. You can’t wear suede unless you are fully committed to ensuring that you are ready to keep it safe and clean every step of the way, which is why wearing …

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What Are Shoes Really Made Of?

Considering the fact that most of us wear shoes every single day, you might find it strange to realize that you have absolutely no idea what they are actually made of. Sure, you’re probably fairly certain that there is some amount of rubber in there somewhere, but beyond that, do you have any idea what …

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running shoes

Can You Wear Running Shoes Everyday?

Whether you are the kind of person who runs miles every single day or an average running enthusiast who realistically only gets out for the odd mile every other month, chances are that you absolutely love your running shoes. Everything about a good pair of running shoes is designed to give the person wearing them …

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Is Wearing Shoes Without Socks Bad?

We all know that society loves to hit us with absurd wive’s tales that are really more about stopping you from doing something that your mom wouldn’t like than they are about helping us to live better lives. But there is no denying the fact that some of these ridiculous sounding rumors are absolutely true. …

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Regular Guy Wearing Expensive Shoes

Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Louboutins, Yeezy im sure you have heard of them all and so many more. High fashion footwear is a huge thing today. It’s hard to ignore when almost every influencer flaunts $1k kicks on the reg, at least it seems that way sometimes. Even if you don’t own any expensive shoes in …

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