Vans shoelaces

How To Clean Vans Shoelaces

I think one of the most iconic parts of a pair of Vans shoes are the bold, white, flat shoelaces that the majority of Vans have. If your bright white laces are dirty, then your whole outfit can be thrown off. You do not want that. Materials needed You will need a few simple items …

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Smelly shoes

How To Make Your Shoes Not Stink

Smelly shoes are never a good thing. Unless you’re into that. But for the most of us it creates somewhat of an issue.  Especially if you are standing in line at Walmart and can smell the stench from your shoes leaking up to your nose. The person in line behind you can most certainly smell …

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broken in shoes

How To Break In New Shoes

You finally got that sweet pair of shoes you’ve been waiting for! Way to go! Only after the first day of wearing your new shoes you come to find that your feet hurt. Thats not good. Today we are going to show you how to break in those new shoes. Breaking in your shoes is …

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