10 Most Popular Athletic Shoe Brands In The U.S. (Based on shoes sold)

If you are the kind of person who likes to know what is and is not relevant in the modern age, then you are undoubtedly looking at brands and wondering what is good.

In the athletic shoe world, there are several brands having an unofficial war to earn your dollars over the next guy’s, and while you might be able to assume what some of them are, others might catch you by surprise.

Within the United States, one brand reigns above them all, but there are nine brands right behind it that people simply love.

Even if you don’t care about what is trendy or cool, you can safely assume that if you pick a brand from the top ten, you can count on the quality of it.

Though we would always encourage you to research any shoe that you are going to buy to see if it will match your needs, some brands are simply better at providing cutting edge and well designed products that tend to have a favorable response from customers. 

#1 Nike

It probably comes as no surprise that Nike is the biggest star when it comes to selling shoes in America.

Their brand, built around the iconic Swoosh symbol that we all know and love, is designed to carry you to greatness when you are taking on your next big athletic challenge.

Nike is known for being comfortable, reliable, and for always leading the pack when it comes to shoes.

There is also the added bonus that basically everything they make increases your general coolness factor by 50 points

#2 Adidas

Even though Adidas is based in Germany, they waste no time in winning hearts in the United States.

This company has been hot on Nike’s heels for years and is known for being much beloved in major hip hop circles.

They make comfortable and fashionable shoes that look great whether you’re going to the gym or perfecting your streetwear look.

With their recognizable stripes, most people know them as a brand that has risen to the top and earned its place among the best.

#3 Under Armour

Under Armour has been a leading brand in athletic clothing for ages, and they did not back down from the challenge of moving in to compete with top shoe brands.

Their logo is often affiliated with game day, and their clothes are a popular favorite in gym circles.

This brand knows how to make a good fabric and wasted no time when it came to climbing the list as a popular footwear producer.

#4 Puma

There is no one alive who does not recognize the Puma logo when they see it.

This brand has built a name around its logo and signature shoes that bring fashion to function.

Their shoes are known for supreme comfort, immediate recognition, and the ability to pull an outfit together whether you’re going out for the night or hitting the gym, earning them many lifetime customers.

popular athletic shoe

#5 Skechers

Despite the common rumor that Skechers hasn’t truly been popular for ages, they still rank within the top five as athletic shoe providers.

Though they may not be as known for their success as brands like Nike or Adidas, Skechers has a reliable fan base and is known for their shoe technology, which is designed to help find the cross between daily wear and gym wear.

True fans swear by their innovative sole designs. 

#6 New Balance

This tried and true shoe brand is known for its dramatic striped logo that shows its focus on athleticism.

This United States business is known for keeping its business in house and employing many within the country.

These shoes are considered to be easy on the eyes and reliable. More importantly, they come at a cheaper price tag than some of their more popular competitors.


This unique brand has a recognizable logo that is often misread, making it simultaneously recognizable and forgettable.

ASICS is known for their consumer friendly prices that allow customers to get a nice and comfortable pair of shoes without having to pay top dollar.

Spreading across both athletic wear and shoes, ASICS is a global company serving the needs of many.

Asics athletic shoe

#8 Saucony

This company is known for its dedication to competitive running and trail running, which gives it a unique edge on some of the other competition.

With shoes designed to help those who enjoy a good outdoor run and a few options for those just looking for a stroll, these shoes are often considered nice and reliable by their fan base.

Their designs and color choices are sure to catch the eye of anyone as you pass them on a run.

#9 British Knights

British Knights is best known for its beautiful streetwear friendly designs that balance on the point between creative fashion and functionality.

Their shoes are made with heart in mind, working hard to keep you looking stylish in a way that also keeps you ready to run at a moment’s notice.

This group offers shoes in a wide variety of unique designs that are sure to have something special for just about anyone.

#10 Brooks

Brooks is a niche footwear designer that focuses 100% of its efforts on running shoes specifically.

When it comes to buying a shoe that has truly been designed for a specific function, their state of the art designs are a favorable decision for those who need running shoes that are not intended to serve any other purpose.

Using innovative technology and pleasantly neutral designs, this company is ready to get you across the finish line. 


Though everyone has their own personal brand preferences, some companies rise above the rest.

There is no lack of interest in shoes, particularly when it comes to athletics, which is what can make it so interesting to read about who is making it and who is not.

Factors like design, clout, and price are always working to determine who will come out on top when it comes to making a fan favorite.